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Tips to Take Care of Your Dog During the Summer

The weather is getting warmer. For a lot of people, this means spending more time outside, exercising, taking their dogs to the park, and even going to the beach. Dogs do enjoy to spend time out, and they certainly need daily walks even during the hot months.

However, if the weather is too hot, they will be smelly, tired, and of course warm when they get back inside the house.

We are going to mention some basic tips so your dog can enjoy the warm weather a little bit more. With these tips, you will be able to take the best choices and spend a great summer with your dog!

Healthy dog food in the Summer.

Let’s talk about one of your dog’s favorite things: food. You can use different types of food to make your dog cool down. There are also certain food items that are better to avoid during the summer and provide during the winter. As you can see, food can be seasonal, and you can take advantage of it to make your dog healthier.

Proteins for your dog in the summer:

Proteins are essential to your dog’s diet. Some cooling proteins are excellent to help your dog battle the heat, for example:

● Duck eggs
● Tofu
● Rabbit
● Turkey
● Cod
● Yogurt
● Duck

On the other hand, you should avoid the following food during the summer, and maybe provide it during the winter:

● Lamb
● Trout
● Chicken
● Venison

Carbohydrates for your dog in the summer:

Carbs maintain your dog very happy. But to keep her/him even more pleased, you must provide your dog with a rather light carb-based food, so he/she does not feel heavy and warm. Among the suggested carb options we can mention:

● Wild rice
● Barley
● Millet
● Buckwheat

Furthermore, some carbs are better to avoid during the summer and provide during the winter, such as:

● Sweet potato
● Oats
● Sticky rice

Healthy dog treats in the Summer

Give your dog frozen treats! There are plenty of treats that you can give your dog frozen, and she/he will love!

You can find dog ice cream in most of the grocery stores. You can also try to make frozen popsicles broth at home, or get them a healthy smoothie! Another great idea (that does not need a lot of preparation) is chilled cucumber, which is also full of water to maintain your dog hydrated.

Summer Dog Care Tips

Keep your dog hydrated

Evidently, the warm weather makes your dog thirstier. He/she will need more water during these days. You should take your dog’s water bowl to the park or every place you take her/him. Also, if it is really hot, you can put some ice cubes in the water to make it colder for her/him.

Help your dog have fun indoors

Although summer days are usually a lot of fun, when the weather gets extreme, we may prefer to stay inside. Provide your dog with good quality toys, activities, and treats so that she/he does not get bored inside the house. Snuffle mat is an excellent option to entertain and mentally stimulate your dog. You can hide healthy treat or toys within the mat so your dog can search for them. Remember that your dog needs physical and mental stimulation to stay healthy.

Get a kiddie pool

Plastic, cheap, child-sized pools are great for your dog! They can deeply enjoy getting in it while cooling down. Furthermore, if your dog hates baths, the pool could be a great strategy to trick him/her into a bath, just a little bit of shampoo and he/she will be cleaner.

Talk to your veterinarian about sunscreen

Just like humans, dogs can get sunburns too. They are painful and hard to notice on your little furry friend. Sunburns are more likely to happen in dogs with short and light-colored hair. Consult your veterinarian about possible sunscreens you can purchase for your dog, as normal human-sunscreen can be negative for her/him.

Protect your dog from mosquitoes/fleas

Summer is the perfect season for horrible tiny creatures to bother your dog. Maintain all of your house and backyard area clean, and make sure you check your dog’s coat for bites or fleas. Furthermore, talk to your vet about the best products and preventive measures against ticks, mosquitoes, and insects.


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